Point of sale

There was no point of sale made for appliance retailers. We've tried everything on the market, and they all sucked. That's why we built one from scratch.


Appliances are tricky. You can't use a traditional serialized inventory system, and non-serialized inventory systems suck. So we reinvented that too. Oh, and you don't need to print your own barcode labels. Simply reuse the manufacture labels to save your team thousands of hours.


eCommerce should not be another workflow for another employee to manage. Our eCommerce solution takes the same flow as an in-store order.

Delivery routing

We made something so complex simple.

Integrated payments

Integrated in-store, online, or invoiced payments. Don't rely on manually entered payments. Always know you got paid.

Review collection

Collect reviews while you're sleeping.

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Millions of transactions completed. Thousands of employee hours saved. Hundreds of problems solved.